We Evaluate Every
Investment Opportunity

At IIG We Provide Due Diligence To Our Investors By Thoroughly Scrutinizing Every Deal Against Our Most Conservative Financial Models.


The Market

The first thing we review when looking at a potential real estate investment is the location of the property.

The location and market of an asset is of critical importance when determining whether to make an investment. A few areas we take into consideration are the demographics, economic trends and comparable assets in the market.


We conduct market and demand studies to examine key factors such as median household income, average age of population, and household formations.

Economic Trends

We look for trends in the sub-market of the asset location: property values, jobs, and industry growth.


We compare sales and lease information of other assets within the submarket to ensure we are aligned with our conservative projections.

The Property

The second thing we consider is the opportunity itself. What’s the highest and best use for the proposed site? Can we add more units and increase rents to market rates? We adjust our underwriting assumptions as we mitigate investment risks to accurately represent our projections.

Income & Cost

We calculate the income and expenses of the property and compare against the market and our performance criteria.

Tenants & Rates

We look at demand studies and determine if the property can meet vacancy and rental rates.

Site Visit

A member of our acquisitions team visits every property and surrounding area as a prerequisite for any investment we decide to purchase.

The Asset

Finally, we spend the time and resources negotiating the legal structure of the investment purchase to place our investors first.

Several key provisions are also reviewed when considering how to legally structure the entity managing the transaction.

Operating Agreement

Our legal counsel works to ensure our operating agreement accurately mitigates investment risks.

Asset Management

Our asset management team ensures the life cycle of each investment is actively managed with discipline to protect our investment.

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