Why we created IIG

Cash Flow for Everyone


Our Founding Insights

Real Estate still dominates as the best vehicle to provide investors with generations of wealth. However, without the right knowledge, resources, connections, and most of all, access to large amounts of capital, most people will never achieve financial freedom via real estate investing alone.

Our Leadership Team realized that providing individual investors a chance to pool their money with other like-minded investors, would create a potential passive income stream for everyone involved.


The wealthiest people and businesses were real estate investors.


Create IIG to provide a medium to access larger Real Estate Projects.


Passive Income is realized through real estate investments.

Exclusive access to quality Real Estate Projects.

Our mission is to help members invest with confidence. Key insights have empowered IIG to pioneer ways to offer like-minded investors personalized service, proven business discipline, and data-driven results.

This allows our members to diversify their portfolios with investments in individual projects and private equity funds that own thoroughly vetted real estate projects.

Our Investors Receive Exceptional Service and Transparency

Our Promises

  • Prioritize investor protection through streamlined processes and business acumen
  • Adhere to strict metrics by investing in projects that meet due diligence guidelines
  • Invest in data and technology systems to vet each deal. Leave emotion at the door.

Our Beliefs

  • Smart investors should have access to quality real estate projects
  • Provide a smart way to meet diversified investing goals in real estate
  • Investors should have opportunities to create passive income for their portfolios

Leadership Team

Ben Teasdel III

Ben Teasdel III

CEO | Management

LaTarsha Riddick

LaTarsha Riddick

COO | Operations

Raul Ramirez

Raul Ramirez

CIO | Analysis

Tampa, FL

3628 Henderson Blvd
Tampa, FL 33609


Ben Teasdel III became a licensed real estate agent in 2005 and quickly transitioned from residential sales into residential real estate investing. In the following years, Ben founded Integrity Investments Group, LLC and acquired, rehabilitated, and sold homes in the Washington, DC and Tampa, FL metro areas.

In concurrence, Ben enjoyed a successful engineering career working as the Lead Cosmic Origins Spectrograph Engineer for NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Program. He has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from South Carolina State University and a Master’s of Science in Project Management from Johns Hopkins University.

Ben’s drive for understanding his surroundings and helping others has enabled him to couple his ability for analyzing numbers and his business acumen to propel a successful career in real estate.

Ben’s expertise in analysis and operations management has lead him to successfully identify quality projects and guide them to profitability for his companies and investors.

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